Krita: GSoC’21 – Community Bonding Period

Hi everyone, I am Santhosh Anguluri from NIT Bhopal (actually from KDE Community 😁 ). I am a participant of GSoC’21 as a part of which I am working on the painting platform Krita.  

Project Goals:

  1. To be able to delete a selection on multiple layers/groups in Krita in a single keystroke.
  2. Copying the selected area of selected layers/groups and pasting without changing their format respectively.
  3. Work-around many paste features to work consistently with new changes.
  4. Applying similar features to transforms and filters as well (currently under future work).

My mentors are Emmet O’Neill and Eoin O’Neill who are behind the amazing animation features of Krita. The community bonding period has ended very recently. In this period I familiarized myself with the relevant code regarding my project, watched Dmitry’s seminar on Krita’s codebase, made a phabricator task on the project and I started to work on deletion feature as well.  

Throughout the summer, I will be updating the progress of the project with the series of the blogs. For more info, please visit:

Phabricator Task:

Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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