Krita: GSoC’21 – Community Bonding Period

Hi everyone, I am Santhosh Anguluri from NIT Bhopal (actually from KDE Community 😁 ). I am a participant of GSoC'21 as a part of which I am working on the painting platform Krita.  Project Goals: To be able to delete a selection on multiple layers/groups in Krita in a single keystroke.Copying the selected area … Continue reading Krita: GSoC’21 – Community Bonding Period

Pre GSoC : A Competitive Programmer’s experience

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a summer program by google that brings open-source organizations and students together to work on open-source projects. This blog is my experience about how I started open-source contribution (with the motivation provided by GSoC). This includes the bugs and features I have worked on so far in addition to … Continue reading Pre GSoC : A Competitive Programmer’s experience